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If you are going to be paddling in Banff National Park, please use our Banff location as your rental pickup location.  If you will be paddling in Canmore, please use Canmore as your pickup location.  Parks Canada now requires all water users to obtain, fill out and carry self registration permits within Banff National Park.  Permits can be obtained at all lakes as well as online here: Help us prevent the spread of invasive water species in our mountain lakes.  Thank You!


We believe that Stand Up Paddleboarding is the perfect way to stay fit, keep positive and maintain a safe social distance while the Covid-19 pandemic unfolds.  Ensuring the safety of our customers and our staff is of utmost importance at this time.   All equipment and gear is disinfected after each use. Online bookings and digital waivers are in place to guarantee social distancing protocols.



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For more information check out our "WHERE TO SUP/FAQ PAGE"

Half Day SUP Rentals are from 12:30pm to 4:30pm for pickup in Banff or Canmore

Full Day SUP Rentals for pickup in Canmore or Banff are from 9:00am to 4:00pm or 8:30am next day (up to 23.5 hours). 

Kayaks, Tandem SUP and BIG RED SUP are only available for full day rentals only.

For multi day rentals, book dates in a row that you wish to rent. For weekly rentals please inquire at 403-707-7202

All Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) rentals come with: PFD (life jacket), leash, paddle and board, pump, foam roof racks and tie down straps if needed.  

SUPs rented in Canmore need to stay in the Canmore area.  SUPs rented in Banff need to stay in the Banff area.  Check out our Where to SUP page. SUPs can be rented deflated, packed in the back of your car and all it takes is 5 minutes to pump it up OR you can rent it inflated, strap it to your car and you’re good to go. Foam roof racks and straps provided upon request.  

For the safety of our guests and our equipment, SUP rentals are not available for river use.  

Full Day Kayak Rentals are from 9:00am to 5:00pm or 8:30am next day
All Kayak rentals come with: Life Jacket (PFD), paddle, kayak and pump to easily inflate within 5 minutes. 

Kayaks need to be picked up and returned to our Banff location.  Kayaks are to be used in Banff lakes only.  Check out our Where to SUP page for more info on where to paddle in the area.  Kayaks can be rented deflated and packed in the back of your car and pumped with the provided pump in about 5 minutes.  

For the safety of our guests and our equipment, Kayak rentals are not available for river use.  

Cancellations Policy:

For all lesson, rental and tour bookings we require 48 hours notice of cancellation prior to your booking to issue a refund. Without notice of cancellation or changes to your booking 48 hours prior to your booking, the booking will be confirmed rain or shine and no rain checks or refunds will be issued.  For group lessons or rentals of 3 or more, we require 7 days notice of cancellation prior to your booking. 

Summer is short in the Bow Valley and weather changes quickly. Sometimes it is sunny one minute and then rain the next.  We encourage you to get out and explore, be prepared, dress for the weather and adventure!



Mount Norquay Heritage Train Station at 327 Railway Ave. Banff, AB                      


Coast Hotel in Canmore at 511 Bow Valley Trail 

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