New Team Riders/Ambassadors

We are beyond stoked to announce the addition of our first two team riders and ambassadors to Bow Valley SUP.  


Micheal Kearns

When local legends first started acceding peaks of mountains and scaling death defying rock slabs they were setting in motion a new beginning for sport in the Bow Valley. Mountaineering and rock climbing in the Bow Valley is now commonplace because of past legends that staged the framework for future generations of sport. For these legends we all owe a debt of gratitude. The same can be said about new legends and a local paddler named Mike Kearns. SUP is still in its infancy, just as rock climbing and mountaineering was many moons ago. But Mike is on a mission to change that. Last summer Mike paddled from Banff (leaving at 1am on the summer solstice with little light) to Calgary. A 150km mission to commemorate the Canada 150 celebrations. Mike is constantly seeking out new terrain to paddle and pushing the boundaries in white water and river SUP exploration. Mike is also a great friend, who always has your back, an outgoing father, volunteer fire fighter and founder of his new company Moose Trail Overland. We are so excited to have Mike on board this summer donning the Bow Valley cap, competing in local races and setting new standards in SUP. Welcome Mike!

Sue Shih

Sue is one of Stand Up Paddlebaording's greatest ambassadors in the Bow Valley and beyond. She is a long time Banff local and is eager to spread her love of SUP to everyone in the area. Sue is also an ambassador for Boardworks SUP. She believes in promoting an active lifestyle, eating right, being healthy and just getting out there. If you mention Sue's name to someone who lives in Banff, chances are they have heard of her. She is an avid snowboarder who spends more than 100 days a year on the slopes. In the summer she spends just as much time on the water, exploring local lakes that no one else has ever paddled, and spreading her stoke to as many people as possible. Sue is a professional chef, devoted friend, and all around awesome person. We are beyond excited that Sue will be hitting the water with us this summer and sharing her passion with you all!