BOW Valley - Stand Up Paddleboarding

Closed for the 2017 season.

See you in 2018!


Lake Louise, Alberta

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I do it?

A: Absolutely! Stand Up Paddleboarding is a great sport that can be enjoyed by all age groups.

Q: What size paddleboard is best for me?

A: The choice is determined by a combination of paddler weight and skill, your intended use and the local conditions. Contact Us for help with choosing the right paddleboard for you.

Q: Where can I rent a board?

A: We rent boards from our 621 Main Street Canmore shop. We have inflatable or rigid boards along with pumps, foam roof racks and straps to get you on the water quickly.  We would still recommend a beginner lesson as the waters are are cold. We will teach you the proper way to get on the water safely and have fun! Renting is a great way to test out the sport before you commit to buying.


Q: Why does the paddle have an angle?

A: The elbow in a paddle provides a more powerful, effective stroke. When you’re paddling, the elbow causes the paddle blade to align straight up and down as it comes alongside the paddleboard.

Q: What should I wear for paddleboarding?

A: Wear clothing that lets you move and that can get wet: shorts and a T-shirt or a swimsuit work well in warm climates. In cold weather when hypothermia is a danger, consider a wetsuit or drysuit. Always wear a PFD (Personal Flotation Device).

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